3 Complaint or appeal

If you would like to lodge a complaint or an appeal, please complete the fields in the form below.

If your complaint/appeal is about a particular course or trainer, please be sure to specify that information in the form. Also, remember to include your name and contact details if you wish us to make contact with you about the complaint/appeal.

Alternatively you may contact us directly on aurecon.training@aurecongroup.com or 08 8919 9777.

If you want to know more about lodging an appeal or complaint, please read our Complaint & Appeal Policy.

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Appeal Section
If you wish to appeal an assessment decision, please outline the reasons why you believe this should be considered. Please use the form fields above to clearly identify which course you participated in and that you wish to appeal for (e.g. training date, course name and the trainer/assessor name).
Please provide your best contact detail below so that we can be in touch about this appeal.
Complaint Section
Please detail your complaint. If your complaint is general in nature, please include as much detail as possible. If your complaint is about a particular training event (or an individual from a particular training event) please use the form fields above to identify the particular course/trainer your complaint relates to.
If you would like us to contact you about this complaint, please provide your best contact detail below.